My pride and joy is working with graduate students. One of them, John O'Brien, came up with the name Timmermaniacs. Why? Presumably because Timmerschizophrenics did not work as well. Although, someone else suggested she may have been a Timmermaniac-Depressive. I think that Timmerneurotics would have been most accurate. Here, is a list of the people whose dissertation I chaired/co-chaired and who graduated, followed by three post-docs.


Neil Gong, Michigan Society of Fellows

13040907_10105487670675796_7273619149050885163_o (2).jpg

Amy Zhou, Barnard College

2014-12-27 at 16-50-50.jpg

Terrell Winder, UC-Santa Barbara

Laura Orrico, Temple University


Pamela Prickett, University of Amsterdam

Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Wesleyan University




Anastasia Norton, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics

John O'Brien, NYU, Abu-Dhabi

Forrest Stuart, Stanford University


Chinyere Osuji, Rutgers University

Rocío Rosales, UC Irvine

Nazgol Ghandnoosh, The Sentencing Project

Ana Muniz, UC Irvine

Tara McKay, Vanderbilt University

Hyeyoung Oh, University of Colorado-Boulder


Yiling Hung, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Benajmin Ruha, Princeton University (former Post-doc)

Carrie Friese, London School of Economics (former Post-doc)


Heeju Sohn, USC-UCLA (former Post-Doc)